FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! Click here for gift certificates.

What are your hours and prices?

Everyday 7 AM - 9PM - including ALL holidays.

$9.95 per child (under 12 months are free with the purchase of a sibling)
2 Adult patrons are free with each paying child.

What does an “unstaffed” facility mean?

Unstaffed means we do not devote staff resources to accept payment at the door or to monitor children. You are responsible for your children at all times. However, we often will have staff on-site during heavy load times to monitor security, maintain a clean facility, and to make sure your time at Pinwheel is simply spectacular! Pinwheel Play is a self-use facility. Use during business hours whenever your want.

How is Pinwheel Play secured?

The outer door to our facility is open from 7am-9pm every day. The inner door is always locked. To enter our facility you must purchase an entry code either online before you arrive (suggested!) or from the kiosk in our vestibule. Paid admission is required for each child who enters the space. You must enter your code into the keypad to enter our space.

All activity is monitored by cameras throughout the space. Each child entering our space must be paid for. Entering the space without a valid code is considered theft and anyone doing so will be prosecuted. Persons inside the building MUST NOT open the door for other arriving guests or allow guests to enter through the door when they are exiting.

Do you offer memberships?

Yes! Visit our Memberships page for more information and to select the right membership for your family!

How do I cancel my monthly or 4-month membership?

Send us an email to Info@pinwheelplay.com, use the subject “Cancel Membership”. We require a 15 day cancellation notice, or we cannot guarantee cancellation will occur prior to the next billing cycle. No refunds will be given for members who forget to cancel before the recurring payment is charged.

What is your sanitation policy?

Our patrons and our staff work together to keep our space as healthy and safe as possible. We are dedicated to doing our part to keep the facility clean and sanitized for our families. We follow the Indoor Play Area Maintenance & Sanitation guidelines published by the Minnesota Department of Health.

We clean the facility once a day and the toys every other day. We expect our patrons to follow our rules to keep kids and our facility clean and safe.

What is your sick policy?

We follow the standard sick policy of many local area schools. Children should be fever/vomit/diarrhea free for 24 hours prior to coming to Pinwheel Play. Children should not have undiagnosed rashes, pinkeye, yellow or green nasal discharge, and/or bronchitis or croup. We ask that you keep your sick children at home to recover. If you have purchased a drop in pass in advance, we can easily help you reschedule for a better time. Thank you for your adherence to this policy for everyone's safety and well being.

Do you offer classes?

We have Story Time every Tuesday at 10 AM. Classes will be launching in January of 2020 - check out our class page for more info.

How do I get into the secured space?

Your entry is purchased either online before you arrive or from the kiosk in our vestibule. You gain access to the space by entering your code into the key pad next to the entry door.

Sharing the entrance code with other, specifically unpaid persons, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If the entrance code is shared, the person who purchased the entrance code will be financially and legally responsible for all children who enter with that entrance code. Persons may be subject to random receipt/membership verification once inside the space!

Do you sell food?

We have nut-free snacks available for purchase on site. You are welcome to bring in food of your own or have it delivered to the space. ALL FOOD MUST BE EATEN IN THE SNACK AREA, no food in the play areas! There are cubbies to store your snack bags and water bottles while you play. Please note: WE ARE A NUT FREE FACILITY.

Do we have to sign a waiver?

Yes. The Liability Waiver must be electronically acknowledged when a daily pass or membership is purchased through our online system. Your transaction will not be complete without acknowledging the online waiver. The Adult who completes the purchase acknowledges the waiver on behalf of the child(ren) attending with the Adult even when not part of their own family.

Do you have lockers onsite?

No, we only offer cubbies to store your items. Pinwheel Play is not responsible for lost items so please keep your valuables with you. Unclaimed items (non-valuable) are put in the lost and found.

Do you have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, but we highly encourage our caregivers to play WITH their children and enjoy the special time with them in our beautiful space.

Why don't you have protectors on your electrical outlets?

We do, it's just hard to tell... the protection is tucked behind each cover.

What if I only have 1 child under age 1?

You will need to pay for your infant because there is so much for them to enjoy in our space! If you are paying for older children, your child under the age of 12 months is free.

What to do in case of emergency?

An adult should call 9-1-1. Assign an adult to let First Responders in the front door. Call Tatum Cagnina (owner) at 952-300-8070 as soon as possible to report the incident or email at Tatum@pinwheelplay.com. Include the following information:

  • Date and time of incident

  • Location of incident (astro turf, playset, art room)

  • Your name, email and phone number

  • Name/age of injured person(s)

  • Brief description/cause of incident and action taken. (Identify any hazards)

What should I do if I see broken, damaged or hazardous equipment?

Take reasonable action to solve the problem, using the clean up supplies on-site if necessary. Immediately report the issue to Tatum Cagnina at 952-300-8070. Provide the following information:

  • Date & Time

  • Location of broken equipment or hazard

  • Your name, email and phone number

Can we bring our own balls/play equipment?

No. Use our unique and fun equipment while you're here and keep your personal items at home. The one exception is for our art room. You are welcome to bring art projects from home to complete in our space as long as the project remains in the art room at all times and does not involve chemicals, fire or other hazardous substances that could harm children, adults or our space.