How do i Reserve the party room?

Send an e-mail to or call us at 952-300-8070

Do I have to reserve the room for a small/impromptu party?

Yes — Celebrations of any kind involving cake, cupcakes, food, decorations, etc. must remain in the party space.

How many people can the room hold?

28 is our max capacity!

Can I bring my own food?

Definitely! We have an on-site kitchenette you can use to store items that need to stay cool while your setting up or playing before the party. Reminder - we are NUT FREE facility. We also want you to know liquor is not allowed on site.

Can I bring my own decor, entertainment, etc.

Absolutely - For those two hours, the room is YOURS!
We just ask that you only use scotch tape to hang decorations, and that all entertainment is run through Tatum prior to your party!

What does it cost?

You can find that on our party page!

What should I tell my guests before coming?

Everyone MUST wear socks (grown ups too!) We also will be having them sign a waiver on-site prior to playing.

What are the times available to rent?

Monday - Friday (Call or Email for Options)

Weekends: 10 AM - Noon; 1 PM - 3PM; 4PM - 6PM

For any other questions - call Tatum at 952-300-8070 or email us at