5,000 square feet of pure bliss for little ones. From a kid-size theater (complete with costumes) to our oversized indoor climbing gym, this space is sure to impress even the pickiest of tiny humans. Every week we offer various crafts, activities, and additional programs - you’re sure to always find something new.

PS We switch out the little toys weekly, for some extra special play time. Hope to see you soon!

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Cedar works climbing gym

We all know kids need large motor activity, especially in the winters here in Minnesota! That’s why we put in a state-of-the art Cedar Works climbing gym. For hours of imaginative play and climbing.

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Fully-stocked art room

Is your little one dying to get their hands messy? Do you have a little Banksy on your hands? Come check out our art room and put their creative mind to work!
(Don’t forget to clean up when your Picasso is finished!)

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Aaaaand… ACTION! While your little one is preparing for their next big break - this might just be the perfect stage for them to prepare!


interactive Room

Some kids tell us it’s their favorite room of all.. Tech meets activity - you’ve got to play to see how fun it really is!

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Party Room

During the week it’s our activity room — full of STEAM activities, science games, and more!
On the weekend’s it’s where the party’s at!

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Play Kitchen & Grocery Store

Shop, cook & play - our entire play space is the perfect pretend space to play!

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Infant area

A space for newbies to come and learn how to climb, roll-over & just snuggle. This space is extra sanitized and disinfected to keep our youngest members their healthiest

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Snacks & more! You can either bring a few dollars for snacks we have available on site, or bring your own snacks or meals!
(Don’t forget to clean up!)

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Sport court

The perfect place for a game of hoops or a little hop-scotch. This space allows your active one to get some energy out - and safely at that!

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And so much more…

Seriously, you have to come see it to believe it… Come play now!