Meet the Owners

As parents of two small children, we quickly noticed that there is a lack of quality places to take little kids in the Twin Cities. Either places were unwelcoming, unsanitary or catered to the older-kid crowd (meaning our little ones got trampled). We hated bringing our 1-year old to a massive germ-covered maze with high tunnels, shouting, and lots of big kids. We couldn't find a place that seemed to fit our style, pace, and children's ages.

The unique needs of small children is at the heart of what we've designed.

Lisa has a degree in education and understands the importance of learning-based play and early childhood development. We are founded on the concept that Play is essential to a young child's healthy development. We have created a safe and welcoming place for families to play together, for children to socialize with other littles their age and for moms, dads, grandparents and other caregivers to feel comfortable bringing their children on a regular basis.

With a focus on hands-on play, learning, and large and small motor opportunities, Pinwheel Play offers open-ended, creative fun for your children. Our structures are intentionally generic to provide a foundation for children's imagination to build on.

We want adults to enjoy our unique, modern space and to be inspired to put down their phones and engage with their children. We hope you will love spending quality time with your little ones in our beautiful space! We can't wait to meet you!

Lisa and Bryon Smith